MP4 Recovery


MP4 File Recovery:Repair Corrupted MP4 File Easily

Are you unable to access your MP4 video file and wondering how to repair corrupted MP4 files and get them back? MP4 or MPEG-4 is actually a popular file format supported by number of portable media devices. It is an ideal format to be enjoyed on different media player, digital camera, camcorders, iPods, iPhone etc. Meanwhile, this format is highly prone to corruption which ultimately results into the inaccessibility to stored .mp4 video file. Hence, to repair corrupted .mp4 file and to restore lost file, using professional MP4 file recovery software becomes need of an hour. 

Common Symptoms of Corrupted MP4 File

  • MP4 stops responding
  • File fails to transfer to other device
  • File does not open or load
  • MP4 file in unable to play

There are several reasons that are actually responsible for corruption of MP4 video file including physical or logical. MP4 file may get damaged due to incomplete file system conversion due to abrupt power supply, unexpected shut down, improper removal of memory card. Additionally, improper handling of the media like pulling out memory card immediately after recording, recoding video when battery is low and due to malware infection of memory card and vice-versa.

Practically, all such reasons are enough to make MP4 video file inaccessible. If you have valid backup then no problem you can restore damaged or corrupted video easily. But when there is no backup then best option available for you is third party MP4 recovery software. It is a powerful tool inbuilt with advance algorithm to scan corrupted media to repair and restore MP4 video.

Method to Perform MP4 Recovery

  • Select the MP4 file that you want to recovery
  • Start Scan to recover file
  • Recover lost file easily

The tool is user-friendly and does not involve any advance technical skills or complicated steps to recover damaged MP4 files. It supports different photo, music file and video formats and work well on Mac and Windows operating system. So, any how if you are not able to access MP4 file, just download the software and get life to your important videos.

USER GUIDE:How to use MP4 Recovery Software
Step 1: Launch MP4 Video recovery Software
Step 2: Select media for recovery and then start scanning

Step 3: After scanning, software will show you the preview of recovered file

Step 4: Select the specific reason of specified media

Step 5: Select file type

Step 6: Create image sector by sector of selected media

Step 7: Now select range

Step 8: Now resume recovery from saved scan

Step 9: Save the recovered file at desired location